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Industrial Safety Committee Meeting

One of the topics that most pressure companies in the daily needs of the last weeks, is the safety and health of workers. At a committee meeting to be held this Thursday morning 14 of May, supervisors were summoned, coordinators and heads of Industrial and environmental security to work together on possible collaboration strategies that allow the companies in the Cluster to continue facing the challenges generated by the health crisis of COVID-19.

Among some of the proposals made by the participants, the following stood out:

  • Continue to share strategic information from the government or that generated by the Cluster through its strategic allies.
  • Compile and distribute a database of providers of PPE and sanitizing products, endorsed and recommended by the members of the Cluster.
  • Manage the possibility of attending in the next few days to a plant that has already advanced the implementation of its sanitation and safety protocols according to government regulations for the prevention of contagion of COVID-19.

Similarly in the session, Daniel Hernandez, Cluster director, He shared with the participants the new strategic alignment of the Cluster with the specifications that concern the activities of the Committee and invited the members to maintain close communication with the Cluster to attack the prevailing needs of the sector in matters of industrial security and to be able to be at the height of the new requirements that the market is targeting.





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