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“Correct implementation of IMSS protocols” INA

Cluster members were invited to participate in a webinar managed by the INA to learn about the "Correct implementation of the IMSS protocols for automotive reopening" The virtual session was chaired by the INA Executive President, the ING. Oscar Albin who thanked the support of the panelists for sharing their best practices.

In the session Enrique Calderón shared, Director of HSE of Bocar group; Gabriel Eguía, Supervisor TOS at Daimler; Mauricio del Valle, Health & Safety Manager and Navistar; Marc Winterhalter, Vice President of Product Development Manufacturing and Purchasing at Nemak and Carlos Prieto, Regional Director of HSE at ZF.

During the session the panelists shared their best practices and their experience in the implementation of the protocols of the “new normality,”From the entry protocols, to the dynamics of personnel transport and social activities within the plant. At the end of the session Alberto Bustamante, EC Director of INA, It took a few minutes to resolve frequently asked and problematic questions that companies have faced in the approval re-registration process. El Ing. Albin concluded the session and reiterated his commitment to the automotive industry and the streamlining of processes for the reopening of activities on June 1st..


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