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Webinar: The Importance of Core Tools for Quality Manufacturing.

Thursday morning 14 May, Cluster members were offered a webinar on the “Importance of Core tools in the manufacture of defect-free products”

The talk was given by Ing. Jesus Sanches Contreras, graduated from the Engineering Faculty of UNAM, Engineering teacher and expert consultant in Quality tools for automotive manufacturing.


In the session, the correct use of tools was discussed in a concise manner through the correct implementation of the systems to achieve defect-free parts as results.. Special emphasis was made on the importance of communication between the elements that have contact with the part and the client's requirements so that all the parts are aligned in the characteristics, guidelines and delivery times that allow the organization to carry out the process efficiently.



At the end of the session the instructor opened a time for questions and answers to give participants the opportunity to present practical cases that they are currently facing in their workplaces and to share possible solutions based on the tools of core tools..

Thus, I conclude one more successful training session of the Cluster, making known the importance of core tools in the manufacture of defect-free products..


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