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IMSS Courtesy Visit to Metelix

In recent years, It has become a growing reality that the most important thing in organizations, is human capital. Due to health contingency, This reality has become more evident and companies redouble their efforts to keep their staff safe and sound.

It is in support of this effort that the IMSS Querétaro promotes the importance of prevention dynamics and is willing to support the inspection of the correct implementation of the prevention protocols against COVID-19. The last friday, Lic. Francisco J. Zepeda, Head of Health at Work and Economic Benefits of the IMSS Querétaro, visited the Metelix company to carry out a courtesy review in support of the company's medical and industrial safety area.

During the tour of the plant, the personnel entry and exit protocols were reviewed, entry and exit of visits or providers, dining areas, lockers, administrative and operational workstations, among other. At the end of the tour, Lic. Zepeda had a brief talk with the managers of the company to share their observations and ratify the well-implemented protocols.


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