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Business Health Protocols and Social Training

We participate once again in a social training talk at the invitation of the State Cluster Network and organized by the Secretariat for Sustainable Development.

The session was moderated by Antonio Pérez, Undersecretary for Sustainable Development. During the Session we had the participation of Francisco Zepeda, Head of Health at Work and economic benefits of the IMSS Querétaro to answer questions and clarify the outlook that is glimpsed in the Federal statement regarding the return to the red light. About, the Head of Health commented that despite being technically at a red light, The Governor's statements show that we will not go back in the economic activities that have been reactivated. Instead we will go ahead with the new normal, extreme vigilance of prevention measures in an energetic call by the governor not to let his guard down to avoid the spike in contagion cases.

We also have the participation of Dra. Monica Tejada, State Responsible for Epidemiological Emergencies and Disasters of the Ministry of Health who presented the epidemiological panorama that the state is currently going through in cases of contagion and death by age, sex and health condition. This in order to understand the importance of companies and society in general, the prevailing need to strengthen and take extreme precautions to avoid and rebound in cases of contagion.

At the end of the session, A time of questions and answers was opened in which both officials addressed the concerns of the audience, inviting the participants to continue and, if necessary, strengthen preventive measures to continue taking care of ourselves and ours..


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