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The world after COVID-19 Forecast vs Demand Driven

New tools and strategies appear frequently for the administration and management of resources in the automotive industry. Now as a result of the health crisis, Industry requires companies to introspect on whether to continue using the same strategies or adapt to value chain circumstances to improve supply management processes. This he told us in a webinar that will take place this Friday morning 22 of May, the instructor Bruno Acosta expert in the Demand Driven tool to streamline material management.

In the training session the instructor commented with those present the importance of managing the flow of materials by customer demand and not by forecast, so that metrics can be made based on flow and not on cost.

Then a tactical reconciliation system can be created that allows us to make adjustments to the business model as the client allows us to see the horizon of their requirements and this results in an adaptive planning circle between the operational model and the demand. firm customer.


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