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Dialogue session with the IMSS

Thursday afternoon 4 June we invited our associates to a dialogue session with the Head of Health at Work and Economic Benefits of the IMSS Querétaro to hear first-hand the voice of those in charge of this area, the correct implementation of health prevention measures in companies and the clarification of doubts that frequently arise among those in charge of Human Capital.

Francisco Zapeda accompanied us in the session, Head of the Office of Health at Work and Economic Benefits of the IMSS Querétaro, who instructed the participants point by point to clarify the approval requirements that have been requested from companies.

Among the recommendations Zepeda made special emphasis on some, for example, the implementation of medical surveillance and updating of the health condition in which the workers are, because there is the possibility of changes in your physical condition in the last weeks, or in the consequent to the restart of activities that may involve considering them as members of high-risk groups. Ignorance of these changes could represent exposing the collaborator to a risk if the necessary measures are not taken.

In the case of a worker who can be considered risky and is exposed to contagion by agglomeration, the use of a KN95 respirator is recommended, not a face mask, since this equipment is much more advanced, because it has the ability to filter the air and reduces the risk of contagion.

The owner was asked about how to act if the situation arises in which the workers refuse to comply with the required sanitary measures., such as wearing face masks or refusing to report symptoms of the disease in a timely manner. Zepeda recommends updating the company manuals and regulations that allow managers to apply the disciplinary measures that the STPS regulatory process requires..

Finally, the minister expressed his interest in working hand in hand with decision-makers on health issues and strengthening communication with the areas of Human Capital or Safety and Hygiene to coordinate effective collaboration that allows companies in the sector to get out of this well. contingency.


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