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NOM course 036


In the midst of the situation that affects all sectors, companies have taken seriously the task of taking advantage of resources in the development and care of their personnel. The past 28 July the NOM course was taught virtually 036. 6 hours of training to share with the managers of the area of ​​Occupational Health and Safety of companies topics on Ergonomics, Risk factors and basics of workplace malpractice injuries.

The course also reviews the guidelines set by the NOM – 036 – STPS – 201, accompanied by the fields of application, references and definitions of the guidelines included in the standard. También se exploran las obligaciones del patrón y de lo trabajadores para implementar adecuadamente las medidas y los factores de riesgo ergonómico de acuerdo al manejo del manual de Cargas.

Final mente los participantes reciben ejercicios y simulacros de casos prácticos para ejercitar los criterios y lineamientos aprendidos durante el curso.




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