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NEW BOARD 2019-2021

After the Member Assembly that took place last 14 February. Cluster held the ceremony which took protest the new Board members.

The ceremony was chaired by Mr.. Marco Antonio del Prete Third, Secretary of Sustainable Development. In the presidium they escorted the President of the Cluster, the ING. Villaseñor Renato Esteban Mendoza, El Ing. Antonio Herrera Rivera, Director General de TREMEC, he C.P. Antonio Castellanos Vazquéz, Cluster Vice President and Mr.. Borja Germán Garduño, Director of Business Development SEDESU.

During the ceremony the work of Antonio Herrera was recognized, who concluded his term as President and Isidoro Mata as Director of the Board of Cluster. Then, Membership certificates were delivered 10 new companies recently joined the collaborative work of the Cluster.

To meet the new Board 2019-2021 Click here.



Visit the Secretary of Labor Human Resources Committee


Activities concluded in September with the meeting of the Human Resources Committee that was held on the premises of Tremec.

This time we had a busy assistance because we have the presence of the State Secretary of Labor, Lic. José Luis Aguilera who gave a talk Update the Federal Labor Law because of the Labour reform.

Secretary thanked the support of companies and recognized that all efforts of the Secretary of Labor to improve procedures for conciliation and arbitration, They are to work in synergy with industry to boost the state's economy, so that an environment for growth and development is provided for businesses and human capital.

During the meeting also the results of the survey showed absenteeism and turnover, regarding the period May- August.

General Assembly of Members

Thanks to the trust and involvement of business a year, Thursday 8 February sesionó the IV General Assembly of Members of the Cluster in the Hotel Domun.

We have the participation of 38 representatives of partner companies, affiliated, academia and government.

Satisfactorily they presented the relevant reports to the activities of the Cluster Year 2017, the financial report and work plans

It is 2018. In general affairs, President of the Cluster, the ING. Antonio Herrera; He extended his gratitude to the representatives of companies for their significant participation in

Cluster activities throughout the 2017.


Just as he extended a special thanks to Mr.. Guillermo Ahumanda for their active participation as a member of the Board from its founding to

January this year.



Update talk on Renegotiating NAFTA

This time we have the presence of a special guest, the ING. Oscar Albin Santos, President of the National Autoparts Industry.


Engineer was pleased to share with us an update on the negotiations of NAFTA and its implications in the automotive industry, Possible dates rounds of negotiations and the results they expect us

According to the different scenarios that may arise from the decisions taken. Also placed special emphasis on industry trends future and mentioned that NAFTA is not the biggest concern

the sector medium and long term, but the so-called technological career in electric cars and autonomous. He shared that there is a competition between Europe at a rapid pace, North America and Asia as

the first entity to manage to get an affordable electric car decosto with high capacity energy storage or car 100% autonomous. The first continent to achieve these two technologies, will in

their hands control of the future of the automotive industry, He established the President of the INA.

Thus he ended the session, Thus strengthening the ties of cooperation between partners it will be reflected throughout the year in the activities of the Cluster.

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