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Social Training Talk

This afternoon we participated in a Social Training talk given by the Sustainable Development Secretariat to learn about the general measures of the new normality in daily life inside and outside companies..

The talk was given by German Borja, Director of Business Development who opened the session presenting updated data on COVID-19 cases in the state to put participants in perspective on the importance of social training and the implementation of measures in daily life. This program basically consists of detecting day-to-day risks (use of public transport, constant use of cell phones, receiving packages, supermarket visits, contact with coworkers) and create strategies to reduce these risks.

In the session we saw the stages of action from the start of the pandemic, the quarantine stage for contingency, until reaching the stage of social training for the new normal. An infographic was presented that chronologically presents the actions carried out by the state government to combat the virus so far and the possible scenarios that could arise depending on the level of participation of citizens and companies from Queretaro..

The Safe Consumption Platform was also presented, a digital space that promotes the registration of local suppliers and companies that provide day-to-day products and services in support of Queretanos entrepreneurs.

Finally, the Epidemiological Surveillance program was reiterated in which they take into account 15 important points that companies must cover to restart activities, when the epidemiological traffic light allows it, and businessmen were invited to take into account this government support program through the Surveillance portal, which collaborates with the Ministry of Health to support companies in monitoring positive cases of COVID-19..

Webinar IHS Markit

Webinar on Prospects for the North American Vehicle Market during COVID-19.


Members of the Querétaro Automotive Cluster and other automotive clusters in the country participated in a webinar on the prospects for the vehicle market in North America that has had significant changes due to the health crisis of the COVID-19 virus.

Manuel Montoya, President of the National Network of Automotive Clusters and Director of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo León extended a warm welcome to the participants and gave the floor to Irina Sánchez, in charge of Business Development in Latin America at IHS Markit to share with the audience a short message on the subject “The Power of Intelligence”


During the webinar they offered 3 Master lectures:

  • The first conference was given by Guido Vildozo, IHS Associate Director Markit who spoke about the forecast for light vehicle sales in North America.
  • The second lecture was given by Joe Langley, also associate director of IHS Markit and who shared with participants estimates of light vehicle production in North America.
  • The third conference was presented by Andrej Divis, Director of Global Truck Research and who presented the forecasts of commercialization of heavy vehicles in North America.

In the different conferences the global macroeconomic panorama and its repercussions in Mexico were presented, prospects for economic growth, exchange rates and investment in the country and the implications that this macroeconomic climate will mean for the demand for light vehicles, of course taking into account the integration that exists between the value chains of the automotive market in North America.

At the end of the conferences, a space for questions and answers was opened.. Manuel Mayorga thanked IHS Markit for the space and shared strategic information that allows members of the different Clusters that make up the network, make the best business decisions to overcome the obstacles generated by the COVID-19 virus crisis.

Automotive Cluster Panel Bajío Region

Automotive Cluster of Querétaro participated in a panel of "Automotive Clusters Bajío Region: Actions to strengthen operations and supply ”in which the directors of the different automotive clusters of the Bajío presented the activities they carry out to strengthen the automotive sector and the auto parts industry, as well as the actions to support companies that are being carried out in the midst of the health crisis.

Manuel Montoya participated in the panel, President of the National Network of Clusters of the Automotive Industry and Director of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo León; Alfredo Arzola, director of the Guanajuato Automotive Cluster; Alejandro Veraza, director of the Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosí and of course Daniel Hernández, director of our organization.

We thank the National Cluster Network for the invitation to be able to share with value chain entrepreneurs and industry suppliers.