The Automotive Cluster of Queretaro B.C., residing at Av. previously 1088, Floor 3, Col. Jurica, C.P. 76100, Queretaro, Qro., Mexico, and internet portal:

It is responsible for the use and protection of personal data, so we inform the following:

The personal data we collect from you, the use for the following purposes that are necessary to provide our services:

  • Providing services.
  • Meet the required formalities.
  • Ratification of facts, in case of any complaint or complaint.
  • Inform the monitoring procedure or service in the participating.
  • Assess the quality of service provided

To accomplish the purposes described in this privacy notice, We use the following personal data:

  • First name
  • Federal taxpayer registration (RFC)
  • Unique Population Registry Code (curp)
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • handwritten signature
  • nationality
  • Home
  • Personal phone
  • Cell phone
  • Email
  • Age
  • Occupation or position held
  • Home working
  • Email institutional
  • phone institutional
  • work references
  • Identification data
  • Contact information
  • Labor data

You have the right to know what personal data we have about you, what we use and conditions of use we give them (Access). Likewise, is your right to request correction of your personal information if it is outdated, is inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); to remove it from our records or databases where it considers that it is not being used properly (Cancellation); and oppose the use of personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

To exercise any of the rights ARCO, you must file an application through the next half:

by letter, face or email, Automotive Cluster directed to Queretaro, A.C.

With regard to the procedure and requirements for the exercise of their rights ARCO, we inform the following:

  1. Any holder or, where appropriate, his legal representative may(n) exercise access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition, and the Automotive Cluster of Queretaro, will provide the means by which(s) allow(n) an appropriate exercise of their rights. The exercise of access rights, rectification, cancellation, opposition, use limitation or revocation of consent, You may be requested in writing at the administrative offices of the Automotive Cluster of Queretaro or email:
  2. Withdrawal of consent can be made at any time, without retroactive effect accrues. To start the process of revocation, It shall indicate precisely you want to revoke consent in writing, face or email: application, written and / or electronic, access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, shall contain and accompany the following:

1.- Name forced to whom the subject is promoted.

2.- The holder's name and address or other means to communicate the answer to your request.

3.- Documents proving the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representative of the holder.

4.- Clear and accurate personal data for which disclosure is seeking to exercise any of the above rights, y

5.- Any other item or document that facilitates the location of personal data.

In the case of applications for rectification holder shall indicate the amendments to be made and provide documentation supporting your request.

  1. El Cluster Automotriz de Querétaro, it shall inform the holder within fifteen working days, from the date on which the request for access is received, rectification, cancellation or opposition, the determination made in order that, if it is appropriate, it becomes effective within ten days of the date on which communicates the answer. In the case of requests for access to personal data, delivery proceed, with proof of identity of the applicant or legal representative, as appropriate. deadlines, aforementioned may be extended once for a period equal; as long as, warranted by the circumstances.
  2. The obligation of access to information shall be deemed fulfilled when personal data are made available to the owner; O well, by issuing simple copies, electronic documents or any other means of Queretaro The Automotive Cluster, provide the holder.
  3. In the event that the holder seeking access to data presumes a person who is responsible and it is not to be, it is sufficient that he was requested to do so by any holder of print media (letter of no provenance) or electronic (email, optical means, etc.) to have been complied with the request, Responsible for addressing issues related to the handling of personal data will work with you to resolve any questions you have about this Privacy Notice.

So that you can limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, we offer the following means:

Upon request to exercise their rights ARCO addressed to the Automotive Cluster of Queretaro.

The use of tracking technologies on our Web site we inform you that on our website we use cookies, web beacons or other technologies, through which it is possible to monitor their behavior as an Internet user, and provide a better service and experience when browsing our pages.

Personal data collected through these technologies, the use for the following purposes:

  • Provide the requested services
  • Meet the required formalities
  • Inform the monitoring procedure or service
  • Assess the quality of service provided

For the purposes outlined in this privacy notice, we may collect your personal data when you provide them to us directly through one-stop procedures, A personal survey, when you visit our website or use our online services.

Personal data we get from these tracking technologies are as follows:

IP adress,

Region where the user is,

User browser type,

User type operating system

Date and time of the start and end of a session of a user

websites visited by a user

Searches made by a user

We use common Internet technologies, such as cookies and beacons to ensure the integrity of our site and to customize portions of the site for you.

Cookies: Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer, at the request of the website. Cookies from our websites mentioned above do not contain any personal information, but are used primarily to track temporal information; for example, cookies allow us to track the content you upload and download. Cookies allow us to remember when discharged in parts of our site that require membership or not, remember your country and language preferences, help us understand the size of our audience and traffic patterns, collect and record information about what you saw on our Web site and what you saw in our email, manage and present site information and the pictures displayed on your computer and deliver information specific to your interests.

Web Beacons: We also place small web beacons or beacons in many of the pages of our website, in online advertising with third parties and in our email. We use these beacons, in connection with our cookies, to collect no personal data about the use of our site including, but not limited, the date and time of the visit, pages visited, reference website, the type of browser (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox), the type of operating system (for example Windows, Linux o Mac), and the domain name of the visitor's Internet provider (for example AOL). This information is collected about thousands of site visits and analyzed together. This information is useful for example, track the performance of our online advertising such as online banner ads and to determine where in the future will be placed on other websites.

Disabling Cookies and Beacons: If you are not comfortable with the collection of such information through the use of cookies and beacons, we recommend that you disable these features through your browser preferences, but please note that this will limit the performance and functionality of our websites above, your browser documentation should provide specific procedures for disabling the aid of cookies and beacons.

IP adress: We analyze IP addresses for purposes of system administration and to gather broad demographic information. We did not create links IP addresses to your key user, except when you place an order using our online payment process, we record the IP address of your computer with your order to help us identify the fraudulent use of credit cards. We may share this information with financial institutions that issued the credit card with which the order or with the competent authorities placed if we determine, or notify us, that the use of the credit card was fraudulent.

These technologies can be disabled using the following steps: If you are not comfortable with the collection of such information through the use of cookies and beacons, we recommend that you disable these features through your browser preferences, but please note that this will limit the performance and functionality of our websites above, your browser documentation should provide specific procedures for disabling the aid of cookies and beacons.

This privacy notice may be modified, changes or updates resulting from new legal requirements; our own needs for the services we offer; of our privacy practices; changes in our care model, or other causes.

We pledge to keep you informed about changes that may occur this privacy notice, through: our websites.

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions according to Articles 6 Fractions II and III, 16 second paragraph of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and according to the Federal Law on Personal Data Protection Held by Private Parties.