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2a Social Training Talk

This afternoon we participated in a 2nd Social Training talk given by the Secretary of Sustainable Development to learn about the general measures of the new normality in daily life inside and outside companies.

The talk was given by German Borja, Director of Business Development who opened the session presenting updated data on COVID-19 cases in the state and the importance of social training and the implementation of measures in daily life. This program basically consists of detecting day-to-day risks (use of public transport, constant use of cell phones, receiving packages, supermarket visits, contact with coworkers) and create strategies to reduce these risks.

The Safe Consumption Platform was also presented, a digital space that promotes the registration of local suppliers and companies that provide day-to-day products and services in support of Queretanos entrepreneurs.

This time, Alejandro Juárez Galván participated, Legal Director of the Queretano Transport Institute to talk about prevention recommendations when using public transport or personnel transport. In his participation, he presented the guidelines that companies comply with to provide public and private transport services as well as the conditions in which they should operate from the emergence of the contingency., such as daily and frequent sanitation of the unit at the end of the route, distance between passengers, mandatory use of the mouthpiece by the operator, etc. The delegate commented that throughout the evolution of the contingency these measures were updated and new ones were added, which were verified and implemented with the support of the Ministry of Health..

Finally, the Epidemiological Surveillance program was reiterated, taking into account 15 important points that companies must cover to restart activities, when the epidemiological traffic light allows it, and businessmen were invited to take into account this government support program through the Surveillance portal, which collaborates with the Ministry of Health to support companies in monitoring positive cases of COVID-19..



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