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ExOp Committee Meeting


This morning the Operational Excellence Committee met to carry out a new dynamic of good practices and share the implementation of improvement or success stories in the tools for operational efficiency. Daniel Hernandez, Cluster director, addressed a few words of welcome to the participants and commented on the importance of promoting these sessions as part of the spirit of cooperation of Clúster.

In this first session, Luis Peralta presented, Continuous Improvement Manager at Brose with the theme "Continuous improvement in the new normal." The prevention measures that have been implemented in the plant against the spread of the COVID-19 virus were briefly shared with the participants, especially those practices that have been modified based on social responsibility and impact on the environment.

In the session, Brose presented the advances of its systems in the digitization of its KPI’s, the traceability of processes and its innovation program to eliminate the use of paper in information management. Previously, this dynamic was carried out from stations strategically located within the production floor and each employee had access to devices to send the required information.. However, now with the emergence of COVID - 19, An application for internal use was implemented for employees from which information can be recorded from their devices in a personal and secure way.

With these sessions we seek to generate exchange of best practices through quality management tools, processes or manufacturing in the area of ​​Operational Excellence.



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