Operational Excellence Committee Meeting


The Operational Excellence Committee meets in virtual session to comment on the new strategic alignment of the Cluster and carry out an exchange of Ideas about the approach of the Cluster to companies according to current needs due to COVID-19.



Renato Villaseñor joined us in the session, Cluster president and as a special guest, Juan Carlos Ituarte of the Institute of Operational Excellence. Daniel Hernández shared with the group the new alignment of work of the Cluster that concerns the committee to execute actions that allow companies to continue growing in capabilities and competitiveness according to the new demands of the Sector.

In that line of work, A space was opened for those in charge of operations to comment on the most prominent needs that have arisen in the current situation and how we can attack them in such a way that companies can be stabilized and prepared for “new normal” what's coming and how are you “normal” is going to affect the market.



At the end of the session, Juan Carlos Ituarte shared with companies a brief presentation of the ideal protocols for executing operations that managers should not ignore.. This information is of value to companies in view of the recent restart of operations announced by the federal government when declaring the Automotive Industry as an essential activity.